What is Money and Why do We Want It?

Let's skip all the intellectual descriptions of what constitutes money and get to the core of what money as we know it is. Money is a symbol that represents human energy. It's helpful and insightful if you just think of money as energy and the more energy you have the more choices you have available to you in your life. Money, like energy, is not good or bad anymore then electricity is good or bad. Money is a form of power and all humans want and need power to survive. I used to think money was not important. I felt that it was "the root of all evil" and that to strive for money was being greedy and non spiritual. I learned that if you don't have money, you become a victim and there is nothing spiritual about being a victim. To the contrary, if you have money then you can afford to help all those around you who are less fortunate. That sounds spiritual to me!

The first step to attracting more money in our lives is to examine our attitudes about money. If we harbor deep feelings that having a lot of money is not noble or spiritual then self sabotage is almost a certainty. I know someone who quit his job to become a day trader. I've never seen anyone put so much effort into succeeding in all my life. He even developed his own trading system, bought other "proven" trading systems, studied the market like a scholar and hired a mentor to help him. But at the end of the day he failed to make a living at it and went back to his day job. A the end of his trading adventure, he told me that whenever he made money from the market that he felt he was taking money from someone who just lost money and it never felt right for him to profit off of another's loss. This deep rooted feeling about the nature of day trading made it impossible for him to succeed in this activity.

So to learn to attract more money, let's start by examining our attitudes about money. Question your ideas about having a lot of money and hold your ideas up to the light of impartiality. Forget what you have been told by your parents, friends or other authority figures about the importance of money in your life. How many times have you heard, "Money can't buy happiness". I've got news for those who always say that, "Neither can poverty". Despite appearances that may seem to the contrary we all have an inner drive for success and abundance. The folks we see living in poverty consciousness just haven't gotten the memo that no matter what the current circumstances are, if you have a clear functioning mind then you have the God given power to create you life anyway you want it.

Remember, thoughts are the things that create your life. Change your thoughts (especially the deep rooted ones) and you change your life.