How to Choose a Feng Shui Wallet that Attracts Wealth and Money

Buy the Right Wallet to Attract Prosperity

As a follower of Feng Shui, you may have your house in order, but what about your wallet? If chosen and treated correctly, the right wallet may be a powerful Feng Shui tool for attracting wealth, money and prosperity in to your life.

Wealth, Personal Responsibility and the Law of Attraction

Lot's of people have lots of dreams of being wealthy, some folks get to experience wealth, many never do. Why? The answer is simple really. Most people who are suffering a lack of wealth are never introduced to the truth about the godlike power that exists inside of them. In the human band of reality, people are what they think they are and folks who never have enough to pay the bills are experiencing exactly what they are commanding their godlike nature to manifest in their lives (usually in an unconscious way). On the the opposite side of this equation, the people who manifest a lot of wealth in their day to day experience understand (consciously or unconsciously) the power that we have at our command and most importantly, take responsibility for it.

What is Money and Why do We Want It?

Let's skip all the intellectual descriptions of what constitutes money and get to the core of what money as we know it is. Money is a symbol that represents human energy. It's helpful and insightful if you just think of money as energy and the more energy you have the more choices you have available to you in your life. Money, like energy, is not good or bad anymore then electricity is good or bad. Money is a form of power and all humans want and need power to survive. I used to think money was not important. I felt that it was "the root of all evil" and that to strive for money was being greedy and non spiritual. I learned that if you don't have money, you become a victim and there is nothing spiritual about being a victim. To the contrary, if you have money then you can afford to help all those around you who are less fortunate. That sounds spiritual to me!

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